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Investing with AMP Capital is easy. Choose from a wide range of investment products to grow your financial goals and save on the paperwork.

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Getting started with our fast and easy online application

Before you begin, it's worth having the following information handy:

A mobile & email address
Driver's licence &/or Medicare details
Your Tax File Number (or ACN, ABN, ACRN)
Postal address & previous if less than 2 years

Making sure you're eligible

You'll need to:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Submit this application within Australia
  • Read the entire Product Disclosure Statement for the relevant Fund

So that we can talk to you about your application and your account electronically, we may send information to you by email. You’ll need to regularly check for electronic communication from us if you choose to save your application. There is more information about how we collect, use, share, and handle your personal information and credit information in our Privacy Notification.


What happens after you apply?

Once you’ve completed your online application, you will receive a PDF copy via email. AMP Capital may contact you to discuss your investment options and to gather any additional information.

Units in the Fund will only be issued once all requirements have been received by AMP Capital. The effective date applied to your investment will be as per the cut off times disclosed in the PDS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose to apply online for a wide range of direct investment products outlined below, after reading the relevant Product Disclosure Statement* (PDS).

It is important you read the entire PDS for the relevant Fund.  The current PDS document can be found at the bottom of each specific Fund page.

AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund
AMP Capital Core Property Fund
AMP Capital Corporate Bond Fund
AMP Capital Dynamic Markets Fund
AMP Capital Equity Income Generator
AMP Capital Global Infrastructure Securities Fund (Hedged)
AMP Capital Global Infrastructure Securities Fund (Unhedged)
AMP Capital Global Property Securities Fund
AMP Capital Income Generator Fund
AMP Capital Multi-Asset Fund
AMP Capital Sustainable Share Fund
AMP Capital Wholesale Australian Property Fund

You may choose to apply offline by selecting one of the above Funds and downloading the application form.

*Note: If you give another person access to this application, you must at the same time and by the same means given them access to the relevant PDS.

For all direct investments, the minimum amount for each initial investment is $10,000

Yes, the minimum amount for any additional direct investment in all AMP Capital products is $5,000. A regular investment plan minimum is $500 per month.

Yes, though you will need to complete and submit your application from within Australia.
You may contact AMP Capital Client Services on 1800 658 404 or alternatively email quoting your application reference code (located on the top right hand corner of the online form).
Yes, upon commencing the online application form your attorney or agent will be prompted to select your investor type and who will be completing the application. You must also have read the relevant PDS and given your attorney and/or agent access to the PDS.
Yes, upon commencing the online application form you will be prompted to select your investor type and who will be completing the application. Please ensure that you select your role at this time.  Additional information will be required with this application and AMP Capital Client Services will contact you once your valid application is received to discuss. You must also have been given access to the relevant PDS.

By proceeding with online identity verification, you agree to AMP Capital making an identity verification request and disclosing your name, residential address, and date of birth (personal information) electronically on your behalf using Veda Group Limited in accordance with these terms.

We may ask Veda to provide an assessment of whether your personal information matches (in whole or part) to personal information held by Veda. We do this only for the purpose of verifying your identity as required under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. Veda may prepare and provide a verification assessment to us. Veda may use your personal information, and personal information of other individuals to prepare the verification assessment.

Please contact our Client Services team on 1800 658 404 regarding application details.
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