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Multi-asset and diversified

Our investment philosophy is aligned to the needs of our clients

We believe asset allocation is the most crucial step in the management of diversified portfolios as it sets up the risk profile of a portfolio, and hence its total return potential.

We believe that risk can be reduced by combining asset classes that have a low correlation with each other. Investing in assets that are influenced by different return drivers, or which access unique sources of return, can further enhance the degree of diversification in a portfolio.

Success in portfolio construction requires an understanding of where risk is taken in a portfolio, and ensuring investors are appropriately compensated for that risk.

Once the asset allocation mix has been determined, there are a number of ways a fund can gain exposure to the underlying asset classes. This may involve deciding whether a passive or active approach is more appropriate, and whether appointing single or multiple managers will provide the most compelling investment opportunities.

  • A$43.5billion* assets under management
  • 16 average years of investment experience
  • Managing multi-asset solutions for over two decades

*As of 31 December 2016. Represents draw down amount on a fully-funded basis.


Risks specific to managed investments may include or are associated with share market and company risks, international investments including the risk of exchange rate losses, risks associated with investing in emerging markets, the use of short selling and derivatives, investment management and style, portfolio concentration and liquidity risks. Please refer to the relevant fund’s Information Memorandum or Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

Significant expertise building and managing diversified portfolios


What sets us apart in multi-asset solutions?

The skills and expertise to help deliver better client outcomes

The skills and expertise to help deliver better client outcomes

By fully harnessing our capabilities in asset allocation, alpha sourcing, manager selection and portfolio construction, we work with the objective of delivering better client outcomes. We were formed in 2009 from several teams to create a specialised division.

Extensive experience across asset classes and markets

Extensive experience across asset classes and markets

Our investment professionals have an average 16 years’ industry experience.

Culture of collaboration means greater insight into opportunities and threats

Culture of collaboration means greater insight into opportunities and threats

We work closely with other teams within AMP Capital to gain unique insights into markets. This includes collaboration with investment teams in infrastructure, real estate, equities and fixed income.